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About us

About Me

Deepak Lalwani, CA is known for his ability to explain accounting in a clear, concise, Simple and thorough manner. He is the sole author of all the content on AccountsFunda.com He has the ability to make students learn complex topic in accounts by his Easy and simple explanation. Even Students with no prior accounting knowledge can master accounting concept with ease.

Deepak has spent nearly 12 years effectively communicating accounting knowledge in classroom setting in Mumbai. He has spent over 11 years working for Top Investment banking and was also awarded employee of the year award for Excellence out of over 1,000 employee. He has hands on experience in applying various accounts and finance knowledge in complex corporate cases.

How the idea of online Teaching Started

After teaching for 11 years and tasting huge success in Mumbai for its Accounts Classes and with growing student base and limited time, he decided to shift to its hometown Jaipur and conceived the idea of Online accounts classes in 2018 thereby giving birth to AccountsFunda.com. His aim to make accounts easy and make student across world conceptually very strong at very economical fees.

His Motto

  • To become the most preferred classes for learning Accounts across Globe.
  • To make every student of accounts conceptually very very strong. He hates mugging

His key Strength

  • Focus on Strong Fundamentals. He will never ever ask student to mug up topic. He will explain each finance topic be it simple or complex with most simplified way possible.(Read Testimonials).
  • He is very particular about improving each student learning curve and is available 24/7 for doubt solving.
  • He has high patience level and will not rest till all the doubts of all the student get solved.